By Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of Marconics.

Are you an Indigo?

You could be one of the first wave born in the 50s, or later in the 70s?

You may now be the parent or custodian of a young Indigo, Crystal or even a Rainbow child.

Earthly guardians of Star children are acutely aware of how unique they are and how they are misunderstood by traditional health care and education support systems that were originally put in place for the safeguard of our young people.

The ‘system’ assesses and judges, categorizes and labels as ‘abnormal’ any child that does not fit inside a rigid standard. If a child doesn’t ‘behave’, follow the rules and sit mutely in class consuming and regurgitate the information fed to them, the ‘system’ forces its will to control.

The terms ‘Indigo’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘Rainbow’ are used to describe ‘functionality’ in respect to the vibrations these children carry within a measurable field of energy that surrounds their human form.

Different frequencies reflect a different color. Crystal children vibrate at a frequency equal to that of a quartz crystal and Rainbows carry multiple vibrations, resonating with full spectrum.

We are each made of layers of bodies. The Physical body, the emotional body and the mental body, overlap other subtle, or etheric bodies that drawer in energy from the universe through energy vortexes called ‘Chakras’.

The vibration of every human equates to a bandwidth of harmonic resonance referred to as a ‘Dimension’.

A Dimension is a state of consciousness.

We are returning to an awakened state as we ascend into higher bandwidths of frequency, in this Global Shift of Consciousness. Our children are being born on the ‘cusp’ and come into this world already holding higher vibrations, but they struggle in the density of the 3rd Dimension, with its rules and limitations because these arise from the archaic systems that are currently being deconstructed.

The Indigo children are the Warriors. They came in with the soul purpose to tear down the paradigm of the old way of thinking and being – they will fight for what they believe in and they wont tolerate corruption and injustice. They will not be able to buy into any our crumbling socio political structures.

The Crystals are here to teach us how to open out hearts and anchor higher frequencies to the Earth grid for our own evolution. They know when they are lied to and manipulated and they know what you are thinking. They are telepathic, often developing speech later than others, creating their own language as well as communication with plants and animals. The Crystals will lay the foundations of the new paradigm on the debris fields of the old.

The Rainbow children beam love and joy. They will be the architects of the New World. If these high functioning individuals are not recognized and fully activated they will continue to arc, like flickering strip-lights until they burn out. Learn how to support your Star children by rising up to meet them where they live.

For more information about raising your vibration, Go to:


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