In 2012, you were not ready. Those preparing for Ascension loved those who were not. This kept the two worlds; one of savagery, one of paradise bound together in an awkward mis-matched ‘two-step’.  As the split progresses you will naturally experience the confusion and chaos associated with straddling two very distinctly different timelines – until your make your choice.

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In other words, there are compulsory gradients they must pass through in order to meet the requirements for ascension. They must find balance and in some cases this means that in the process of becoming whole again – through their merger with you – they are choosing to heal that which weighs too heavy on them to allow further ascension, within the ever expanding ‘Galactic’ and universal harmonic structures.


“Tri-Locational Reality”

Alison David Bird, C.Ht. Originator of Marconics Ascension Energy. Since your 2018 Summer Solstice, when 1% of the world’s population of Lightworkers achieved Critical Mass for this Ascension, during the Lions Gate corridor of July and August, you passed through the Trinity Gateway as the planet divided not into the dual model as predicted – […]

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Question for us is, as this reality is smelted down in the furnace of creation, can you forge a new one? A better world, a safer, more tolerant home for every lifeform on its surface, within its hollow Earth and beneath its oceans? Can you reach the 5th paradigm? Or, 7th Or, go higher?

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Deadly As The Wolf

It is time to recalibrate the human body in preparation for birthing the Avatar; your Divine Soul Self – versions of you in higher dimensional realities ready to descend into the human body, to merge in an alignment of Higher Consciousness that will facilitate your seamless transition into vibrations of Peace and Joy. This alchemical process will forever transmute the lower vibrational frequencies of ‘Fear’, into ‘Love.’

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Time Heals Everything – You must learn to respond to these repeated events in a more balanced way, or your emotional body will be repeatedly ‘triggered’ by the cell memory of the original trauma…and you will not heal.



Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht; ORIGINATOR of MARCONICS  You have learned so much and come so far, yet some of you still seem to understand so little. When we say, ‘This is a new way of being’, we mean it in every sense of the word. As well as all the changes you […]