By the Elohim Collective, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht.  Originator of Marconics Healing & Ascension Mechanics.

Escalating violence in your streets – varying from quiet protests of racial hatred to outright genocide by countries against their own people – is not new.

It is only the energy of rebellion that is intensifying, not the darkness.

Your perception of the world as a harsher place than ever has much to do with the technologies that bring you instant news reports; a camera in every hand is able to catch what could not be seen beneath the decay of your societies before.

Part of the awakening process brings forward EMOTIONAL upheavel for many that will be difficult to process and translate.   Fear – as it surfaces to be released – begets frustration and anger, and anger that has no outlet will vent along any avenue it can find, like water rushing to fill a conduit to the sea.

Rebels without a cause, in emotional distress, feeling hurt, betrayed and angry will jump any bandwagon that passes, with little regard to who will crushed under its wheels. This creates the conditions for the lost, lonely, isolated and disenfranchised to fall victim to praying terrorist organizations that will play on their vulnerability.

Kindness towards people is the answer. More should be done to help the integration of immigrants and refugees, to be inclusive of them, to demonstrate love, forgiveness and compassion. The new world is a melting-pot, not one of separation. Demonstrating further hatred towards them is succumbing to fear leads to punishments and reciprocity that will further polarize, demonize and radicalize.

Technologies like phones quicken communication, hand held devices for video and camera  record the truth and wi-fi – social media – distributes that truth around the world instantaneously. This is a revelation for some of you who have been here for a while, but it is not here by accident, and for the young Lightworkers it is almost an extension of themselves.

How better to have the scales fall from your eyes than with images transmitted simultaneously round the world.

Your Government worked with off-world intelligence to be able to have and develop much of the technology you behold today. But these technologies were abused and misused and given only to a select few to make powerful corporations even more powerful, and to make money for big interest. These technologies have been used to control and manipulate you, the People!

Now it is biting back as it is being employed to assist humanity in a mass awakening to truth. Truth about the power mongers and the corrupt, truth sheds light on the hell bent intentions of those who plot against the weak in the names of Avarice, Greed and Gluttony.

You should be discerning of what you see played out on the screens in your living rooms, every side as an angle, a ‘play’.

Just know, that through the various acts of violence and complacency, accusations and denials, agreements and disclaimers, there will eventually come ACCOUNTABILITY.

All acts of rebellion are casting light into the darker recesses of the establishment, revealing the rot and decay, the rust and the broken.. the need for these archaic structures to be condemned, torn down and rebuilt.

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