Release the Judgment


By The Elohim Collective, via Alison David Bird, C.HT, Originator of MARCONICS

Living in the material realm, in physicality – where everything you experience is experienced relative to everything else – makes it easy for you to judge.

Your experiences are drawn from comparisons made by you, of the world around you, using only what exists in your mind as a frame of reference; namely all your previous experiences. From this perspective, you stand in judgment of everyone and everything, as to whether it is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. 

This concept can be hard for us to understand in the higher realms where everything ‘just IS’.

Relativity to one another in the judgment of being separate from All That Is, lies at the root of the human condition, which is generally one of disappointment, disillusionment and unhappiness.

You judge someone else for being thinner or fatter than you, richer or poorer than you, more or less educated, and in some cases merely by the color of their skin. Your cultures have established ‘Norms’ and what does not compare favorably is deemed ‘unacceptable’ to you, and causes to withhold LOVE.

You even have difficulty accepting yourself and judge yourselves too harshly when put beside those you perceive to be somehow ‘better’ than you, giving rise to the judgment that you are ‘less than’.

Yes, some of you stand as judge and jury over everything you see, hear, and bare witness to, condemning those around you who choose to express themselves in a different way from the ‘norm’.

“How could they do that?”

“I would never do that!”  We hear you say..,

“There must be something wrong with them!’

But you see you cannot know another man’s journey in this one lifetime on Earth, even though you have walked in his shoes over many lifetimes yourself. Sometimes, the reason for your judgment is because part of you remembers your experience in a previous life, existence, or parallel where you made a similar choice and suffered the consequences, thus triggering karmic vibrations which catapult you to the other relative extreme.

 The Earth experience has been successful and even as you may be compelled to ‘judge’ it, is perfect in all its imperfections; there is no comparison for such diversity, ingenuity and creativity anywhere else in this System. The more you judge things as ‘right or wrong’ the more you condem your self and others, and the more your heart is stifled and the LIGHT you carry diminished. 

Love yourself just as you are. Be accepting of others – as you would have them accept you. Allow things to just be, and know that nothing has been left to chance.  




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We see that your world is a beautiful place and that YOU are what makes it so.

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