By Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of MARCONICS – The Human Upgrade.

You have broken the mold, so to speak. The paradigm is shattered. You can try piecing it back together but it has lost its integrity forever.

The cracks are widening chasms into which everything could fall, and that can no longer be disguised.

We speak of course of the 3rd Dimension. A state of being in which you have existed on Earth for many thousands of years in linear time, enduring the limitations of imprisonment within the physical soul-carrier – as you requested, immersed in the gloomy half-light of duality, a shadow land in isolation from ‘All That Is’.

You are now merely rippling distortions within a holographic resonance, impacted by the frequencies of your own fear and pain. We call it, ‘the darkness’.

But now your dimension is being rent asunder. Nothing can or will ever be the same again. Question for us is, as this reality is smelted down in the furnace of creation can you forge a new one? A better world, a safer more tolerant home for every life form on its surface, within its hollow Earth and beneath its oceans? Can you reach the 5th paradigm? Seventh? Or, even higher?

Or, as so many others believe, is it more likely that you are so ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ as to be destined to repeat the same mistakes again?

Imagine a goldfish in a crystal bowl, forced by the limitations of physics to swim around and around its circumference, confined and contained. Can you see the parallel we draw with your own reality? From the day you are born, to the day you die you cycle around and around on a loop in time, where you are encouraged to break out of old patterns of behavior, evolve and mature.

You think you are ascending, raising your vibration, yet most of you remain caught up in the drama and the dogma. Ask yourselves, do you know who you are yet? Are you truly free?

Imagine the goldfish. What if in his desire to be free he jumped from his watery prison up into the rarefied and oxygen rich environment above? Wouldn’t it seem to him as though he had made a dimensional SHIFT, having freed himself from one ‘state of being’ to ascend into another? And wouldn’t it look like and entirely new universe… a new paradigm? If indeed this was the case, hadn’t he better exchange his gills for lungs if he plans to survive?

Do you see the parallel now?

You cannot continue to ignore the sweeping changes occurring in every aspect of your lives today. Change isn’t coming, it is here! You must make the effort to CHANGE. The fish bowl is fractured and water is seeping out through the cracks. How much longer do you think you have?

You must evolve. Be the ‘flying’ fish, as he ascends from one dimensional space into another, and hanging in midair between two worlds adapts, or dies.

For more information, visit: http://www.Marconics.


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