by Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of MARCONICS.

The rift between the 3-Dimensional Earth and the frequency patterns of the 5th-Dimensional morphogenetic field are tearing themselves apart, just as was predicted. Magnetic fields are being stripped and recalibrated for the higher vibrations, and this is creating ‘heavy storm surge’ on the planet surface.

We have explained this from the beginning; the concept of the two worlds pulling apart in a quantum separation. In 2012, you were not ready. Those preparing for Ascension loved those who were not. This kept the two worlds; one of savagery, one of paradise bound together in an awkward mis-matched ‘two-step’.  As the split progresses you will naturally experience the confusion and chaos associated with straddling two very distinctly different timelines – until your make your choice.

Third Dimensional Earth: There were many potentials for the 3rd Dimension, some more positive than others. Gradually the collective has picked its way through multiple probable timelines; discarding and abandoning many that have since collapsed, leaving fewer remaining options. The collective has selected a different timeline for each of the multiple bandwidths existing in the gradient of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions, and as these harmonic bandwidths are collapsed people will have the opportunity to close out their individual experiences here in a way that appropriately serves their spiritual contracts.

You seem to have believed that eventually the collective would settle on one timeline or the other. This is not so. Eventually the timelines will converge in particle collision, in the merge of matter and anti-matter. The resulting ‘explosion’ will reset the New Earth paradigm, sending 3D spiraling down to its natural conclusion.

The human collective will continue on planet Earth, within multiple harmonic bandwidths of the 4th Dimension, under the control of opposition alliances, which will continue to pursue control with the enhancement of humanity through alien propagated technologies. Gaining even greater control over the masses by replicating and manipulating fear frequencies while promoting the illusion of Free Will.

Technological advancement over genuine spiritual evolution outside of structured religion will create even greater separation from Source. And while the blending of human with technological interfaces may indeed generate greater efficiency, it will diminish human ingenuity, free thinking and creativity.

More emotional energy or quantum can be produced through programming contained within the technology and syphoned off to sustain other alien entities. The New World Order will become a mechanized computer generated reality with a cyborg population, which could be seen by many as a futuristic sci-fi type Utopia, and therefore equate to some as the evolution of the species.

Or, if the collective leans vibrationally towards the other end of this scale – through their choices and decisions – you could see a more Dystopian version achieved through the culmination of multi-racial conflict, continued abuse of the planet and mis-use of its resources, ensuing shortages of food and water, pollution, crumbling infrastructures, nomadic populations, ethnic cleansing designed to reduce the strain on limited resources and the redistribution of wealth in a more socialist leveling off of humanity.

This Trans-Humanism agenda could result in a race of bland ‘cookie-cutter’ humans, sharing a unified, single, programed hive-mind, and operating under the industrial military complex.

Either way, gradual weakening of the human quantum field and disconnection of the Crystalline Grid will continue to slow vibrations as the 3rd Dimension eventually completes its closing cycle.

Fifth Dimension: The communities of Light and the unified Tribes are creating new timelines for the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. Through their faith, trust and determination we are approaching ‘critical mass’. The higher etheric Plasma Bodies, or Light Bodies, are now established as templates set in the morphogenetic field of consciousness. These blueprints are accessible to all who can raise their vibration enough to access them through the unified field of connectivity. High Vibrational types will also draw in their own DNA activations from Keepers of the Blue Flame of electro-tonal, 5th-Dimensional frequencies. Manifestation of these new grids and templates will echo through the time space continuum, allowing Light Workers to double back along the time track, again and again, collecting up the newly awakening and bringing them through.

Those who have raised their vibration high enough will feel neutral in the face of great suffering. They will be able to achieve detachment as they stand in the eye of the storm with 360 degree vision, knowing the SHIFT is in full swing and understanding that no man stands alone. No man will be subject to more than he can bear. Each has made his own choice about how and where he will sit out the end of the world.

If you have re-calibrated in alignment with the New Earth, it will be no more than an instantaneous transfer of consciousness to a new reality. As you integrate positive energies emanating from the Central Sun, you will exchange essence with higher consciousness bands within your own Higher Self lineages. They will act as walk-ins, place holders on this plane for you to continue to travel between realities, until you are ready to pull up the anchor. The electro-tonal frequency bands of the new Blue Universe combine the best of all of the Earth experience in a merger of Free Will and Divine Will. From this will emerge a fusion, a new experience of Divinely Inspired Free Will.

Those you leave behind and who choose it, will balance their karma in a transfer through a death transition to the new 5th-Dimensional matrix. Born into a world where fear, separation, corruption and intolerance have been eliminated.

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