Rabbit in Headlights

The Elohim Collective, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht.


The road to becoming Sovereign, as a being, as a country and indeed even as a planet, is fraught with risk and hidden danger. We never said it would be easy.

When we said, you must ‘release fear’, it was so that you would not be paralyzed in the face of such challenges. When a frightened rabbit is caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle it is the ensuing paralyses that endangers his survival, not the vehicle itself.

“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself” is a famous quote within your own culture and yet at the time these words were uttered did you really think your President was saying that the THREAT was gone! Did the perceived threat melt away once these words had been uttered? No! And those specific threats still remain today.

There is opposition to your personal Ascension and to the Ascension of your planet. If you refuse to face that because the information does not seem ‘of Love and Light’, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

We ask that you do not act out of fear but respond appropriately to any given situation. If the wisest Guru asked you from a place of ‘love and light’ to jump from a plane, would you do so without asking for a parachute? If the answer is, ‘Yes’, you have missed the point. You are still bound the the laws of physics no matter which density you rise to. While you are still here in matter form it is unlikely you will survive jumping from an airplane without being splattered on the pavement below.
You can chose ‘Love’ over ‘Fear’ without throwing caution to the wind. We did not say, ‘Be stupid’.

‘Love versus Fear’ refers to vibration not to a physical response. You can be afraid, and still respond from a place of Love even in spite of your body’s own inertia, or as the fight/flight impulses rise within you pulsing you to run away. That’s what first responders do in the face of danger; they face their fear, acknowledge their fear, and then they respond from a place of Love. That is true bravery.
It is not brave to ‘act bravely’ when you are not aware of the dangers you face, this is simply being ill informed. It is only brave when you know all that you risk, and decide to risk it anyway.

Can you take a leap of faith even when you do not know the outcome? If you know you can, you are brave.

We are sad to see Lightworkers being polarized as they turn away from the truth, and each other, because the subject makes them fearful, and so they judge the Truth as not being of the LIGHT. This is how the Ascension has been defeated repeatedly and how we now see that true Ascension, beyond the limitations of this false matrix of illusion, may fail again.

When we asked you to hold the vibration of Love, to think only good thoughts, to ignore all the negativity around you, and just pursue love, light and happiness.., we did not expect you would respond like children and hide under the bedcovers. As the Ascension Gates spark open to enable the Warriors to pass between worlds and bravely go where none one has gone before – to face danger on your behalf, to fight the negativity and to forge new pathways for the creation of new side realms where the ‘children’ can continue to play, Lightworkers should not be condemning, or criticizing them, they should be supporting them!

This is why we have also asked you to release judgement. When you turn and hide your face from the truth, because your are afraid – or ill informed, you become paralyzed in one spot. You are unable to move forward. Without the thrust of forward motion there can be no ‘lift’, no ‘elevation’ and therefore you will cease to rise. You will become the rabbit in the headlights.

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