By Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of MARCONICS

‘Time heals everything,’ they say – and sometimes, don’t you just want to slap them. But what they say is true. Time is not a steady progression of chronological events…it is an illusion along with everything else in your world.

The passage of Time is simply an observation of matter in motion creating a series of moments.

One moment can be stretched as if the measurable unit of a second feels more like a minute, or an hour. An expanse of time can also be collapsed into a single ‘now’ moment. A Master will string a series of significant and memorable ‘now’ moments together, springing from one to another like skipping over stepping-stones across a fast-moving stream. Matter in motion appearing as the passage of Time.

You are Masters of Time.

Your experiences do not follow a linear path of chronological Time either. You don’t begin at point ‘A’ and continue in a straight line until you reach point ‘B’. Your motion is cyclical, like everything in nature. The Golden Mean, the Fibonacci sequence exists in every part of your DNA, creating a spiral for exponential evolution.

You may appear to have set out along a horizontal path, a straight line between the past and the future. But in truth, it curves around and spirals back to intersect at junctions of vertical time.

‘All very well,’ you say, ‘but what does it mean?’ It means you have repeated opportunities for your soul’s growth as your spirit revolves and evolves through your experiences here on Earth.
Each experience that challenged you in the past, that marked you, or traumatized you will repeat and replay until you take control over it and neutralize its power over you completely. Each spiral as it intersects that point in vertical time is an opportunity for you to view yourself anew, and through a different lens, one that has been tempered with subtle adjustments made by the soul with each repeated experience.

When you react negatively you are responding according to the level of vibration you hold in your energetic field. Karmic seeds, still trapped there by cell memory left behind after your previous experiences and lifetimes create tiny vibrations that build to a crescendo and impact your reaction through the emotional body, as they are processed out by the energetic vortexes that govern your subtle bodies.

You must learn to respond to these repeated events in a more balanced way, or your emotional body will be repeatedly ‘triggered’ by the cell memory of the original trauma…and you will not heal.

With each spiral we cycle back to Zero Point, though because you learn from each experience you will land a little higher on the vertical axis. If you are continuing to grow you will strive to do better each time, reaching higher and aiming to be a better expression of yourself in every moment.
This way you will lessen the ‘trigger’, emotionally, mentally and physically, until the charge is neutralized altogether.
Then there will be no need to repeat the experience again. The next time you cycle around and intersect with that point in vertical Time everything will be different, because you are healed. Time heals…



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