Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht; ORIGINATOR of MARCONICS 

You have learned so much and come so far, yet some of you still seem to understand so little.

When we say, ‘This is a new way of being’, we mean it in every sense of the word.

As well as all the changes you see happening around you in your own linear reality, it is also changing in your Spiritual reality. Nothing works the way it did for you in the third dimension.

You are reaching so much higher now. We are not the guides you engaged with in the third dimension – they were specific for that frequency, and they are tied to the fate of the planet we are asking you to help us bring to Light.

You are meeting with your own higher guidance now, from the highest realms, and outside of the 12th Dimensional planetary matrix, just as you requested. You cannot communicate with us the same way as you have with previous guides. Communication here is not linear, it is subtle, less tangible than in the third dimension.

As a multi-dimensional being you travel in your meditations and in sleep through liquid light fields, which you translate to symbolism and metaphor. You won’t ‘see’ the same way, perceive the same way, or ‘hear’ the same way… so stop trying. Just ALLOW.

You have heard the term: “Everything is frequency.” Lets imagine that. As though you are viewing a panel of pure radio frequency. We are pouring that frequency down on you from the cosmos, from the suns and stars. And you are like a satellite dish. The Frequencies must be received and assimilated by your new upgrading body/system, before integrating with your DNA to become like a memory, or an idea, that will unfurl into a concept, which will evoke a human feeling or emotion, and can then be translated by vocabulary databanks into your own words, to be acted upon, or not.

Imagery will be different. You may see eyes; human, whale, animal – they are all communicating with your DNA and helping with your healing and transmutations.

You may experience extremes of hot or cold in your body, burning up like a furnace one moment, then being cold to the bone another. Or pain, in back, shoulders, joints and muscles.. this is your DNA activating. You may hear tones, or see this process in downloads of binary code or light language, symbols, fire letters, fractals and geometries. You are not expected to understand these communications. They are not for your conscious human mind they are for your DNA.

Higher-Self energies are integrating. It may appear to you that you have lost communication with them, because you cannot ‘hear’ them anymore. That is because they are no longer aside from you they are fully integrated with you; as part of you! Trust the information you are being pulsed. You are now the Wisdom Keeper.

This is the new way. The best of humanity blended with Divinity. You are becoming Sovereign.

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