By The Elohim Collective, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of MARCONICS 

Understand that Spirituality, Faith, and even the belief in God – is not confined to a religious construct. Nor, is either one ensured by the latter.

When a non-believer challenges a believer to explain ‘faith’, it is a contradiction in terms. It cannot be done. That is not the nature of faith.

True faith comes from a knowing in the heart of a truth that cannot be expressed through the linear mind. When asked to explain, a believer would have to move from the heart space and into the analytical brain. There are no words or framework of expression in this paradigm.

‘Faith’ is trust in a Higher Power in the absence of evidence that this Higher Power even exits.

Faith is necessary for evolution, because science has not yet devised a way to measure the existence of a benevolent force that supports, observes, and guides us through our daily experience. That said, there isn’t one of us who when pressed, can not recall at least one moment in their life when something happened that was beyond their ability to fully understand, or explain, and could have been described as Divine Intervention. Should that have been enough to inspire faith in a Higher Power?

Isn’t it fair to say, ‘no amount of proof would ever be enough for a non-believer, and a true believer needs no proof at all’?

Those who would call themselves ‘atheist’ have at times even been inexplicably moved towards altruism, which when viewed through the lens of duality is not in our nature. Some have displayed overwhelming acts of self-sacrifice, and even extreme heroism for a stranger. This defies logic. Isn’t this evidence of the spark of Divinity pulsing through us all?

You may answer, “Well, no! It was just the decent thing to do”.

The ‘decent thing’ in who’s eyes? And from what place did you make the judgment of what is decent and what is not.

Most humans choose to be compassionate, loving and caring most of the time. But, if they have to attend church, Mosque, Tabernacle, Temple, or Chapel on a Sunday to be reminded by a third person that this is the way to behave, if you wish to avoid the wrath of a punishing and vengeful God, and they act from that place then their actions are sponsored and not genuine. This matters. Sponsored actions are not indicative of higher evolution but of programming and enslavement through fear.

Everything in the human subconscious mind drives the urge of self-preservation at all costs. The ego-mind rarely suggests that you should see anyone’s needs above those of your own, thereby ensuring your survival. Why then, do most people at some time instinctively or, empathically act on behalf of another? Not because they attend a place of worship each week.

True evolution is when a being instinctively chooses compassion, love, forgiveness and acceptance, while striving for the highest expression of themselves in all things. This is the God particle within us all at work within the human consciousness matrix, whether it is in the case of a believer, or a non-believer, or, indeed an atheist. It is still undeniable evidence of a Higher Power.

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