Always and Forever

By Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of MARCONICS.

One of the most difficult things you will do during this period of great change is say “goodbye” to someone you love or, have loved in the past.

We are sociable creatures but familiar faces do more than just bring us comfort. Whether they are family or friends, those we interact with the most contribute to our sense of Self. Loved ones provide foundation and support and bare witness to our journey. They act as mirrors that reflect our own actions and behaviors, and are barometers for our personal development.

When a relationship becomes frictional and more difficult to maintain, we often feel defined by the years that have held us together and obliged to hold on, regardless of whether it continues to be healthy for us. Because losing a friend makes us feel as though we have lost a part of ourselves. We feel as though we have failed in some way as a person and that undermines our fundamental sense of wellbeing. We hang on to some relationships for far too long, determined to see them through to the bitter end.

And sometimes it does get bitter.

We, as spirit in the illusion of individual expression here on this planet, may have contracted lessons and experiences on the docket that cannot be shared with another. It may require we travel alone. This karmic vibration may create imbalance in a relationship that leads to resentment, judgment, and even outright conflict. All of which can result in a parting of ways.

In the Higher Realms relationships are only for a season. Even romantic relationships are for the purpose of sharing, learning and growing and when a relationship has been served, both sides will wish each other well, and move on.

As hard as it is, as it will be, know that as someone leaves your sphere whether through the death transition or through the demise of a friendship, you can be sure that the space they leave will be filled. The loss of a close friend or a loved one however painful, is often followed by the arrival of someone else in your life, a new teacher, as if sent by the universe itself. Don’t judge the package, or the nature of the arrival, embrace it. It doesn’t have to be a blood relative to  be the most important member of your Soul group.

In the old paradigm our community was key to our survival. It was typical of friends and families to stick together through thick and thin, dragging each other over every hump and bump in the road to emerge undefeated in life.

These times require a different kind of love. The kind of love that sets someone free from the bonds that bind you, so they can travel the path set out for them before they even came here, a path beset with challenges and opportunities which will enable them to meet the requirements of karmic accounting before embarking on the next phase of their spiritual journey.

Unconditional Love will help you to let go of those souls, and send them on their way in the knowledge that by the Grace of God, you will meet again if you so choose, and you will know each other through your infinite connection to Spirit.

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