Faith Becomes the Rose

By Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht – originator of MARCONICS

Faith is not for the weak, it is for the strong.

Surrendering to a higher force is easy when you are left with nowhere else to turn.

In those last moments as you dangle over the precipice high above the jagged rocks below and watch the rope as it frays and slowly but inevitably begins to unfurl, there will be few that will not be moved to call out to something – anything, bigger than themselves. Something they can’t see, or hear, but know in those final moments must be there.

In their despair they will finally put faith to the test, “GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!”

Why not? You are only hedging your bets. You have nothing left to lose, the rope is breaking you are going to your certain death.

And if you will surrender to a higher power in those final moments you may be saved by spiritual intervention, a passerby, a grassy ledge, some form of miracle.

Or, you may still fall.

True Faith is in knowing that it doesn’t matter which, but understanding that whatever happens next will be in your highest good. Because life is so much more than you can see. It does not end; it goes on. You are energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, simply transformed into something new.

You are like a rambling rose growing up and along the trellis until you cross over the garden wall and disappear from sight. You do not cease to exist, but continue to grow and bloom on the other side. You can no longer be seen, but you are still there.

From this three-dimensional reality you will transition into higher vibrational frequencies that the density of the biological vehicle cannot assimilate or be supported by, and so you must step out of that physical form into a more etheric dimension. You need to be able to transition from one plane of existence to another, and in this reality death provides that function.

If you will be moved to call out in those final moments of surrender to a higher power, then what is the difference? Why do you fight so hard against the existence of something bigger than you and beyond what you can see in this realm?

It’s hard, isn’t it? To believe in something that you can’t perceive; something that is not scientifically proven? Because you have expectations around what that should look like. You judge how you think a higher power should respond to all that you see and experience in your life. “If there was a God, he would never allow such suffering”. Much like when you were a child and were denied something by a parent who knew it was not in you best interest, and you shouted: “I hate you! You are ruining my life!”

Now you are the parent. See how it is?

Yet at times of trouble, you still seek the comfort of a parent until they are no longer here. But they don’t cease to exist they are just waiting on the other side of the garden wall.

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One thought on “Faith Becomes the Rose

  1. I love Marconics and I feel blessed the day I sow the picture in the papers, announcing Marconics . that attracted me for a very strong reason I went to the fair for my first time because I can’t be in crowded places but strongly the energy attracted me and I went and was amazing the outcome it changed my life 💚💜💙 Thank you Alison and lisa for your service to bring light to all of us! Much Love, Nubia Lonsdale

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