The Ghost of Christmas Present.


By Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of Marconics.

Sunrise, sunset – time marches on, or so it would seem. Its passage marked by the silvery moon as it influences the tides of men.

In your ascension spiral you cycle round to specific dates and events that you as a collective have established as milestones in the procession of your growth and evolution. Every 12 months you will return to a crossing point in the spiral. Christmas!

Christmas is a celebration of the arrival of the Christed one, another marker in the procession of your evolution because the birth of Jesus was a pivotal point in the history of this planet. There were also others who arrived on the Earth’s surface at that time, who were unveiled to the truth of their origins and to the higher wisdom.

They volunteered to come in preparation for this period in your so-called ‘linear’ time. Brick by brick and stone by stone they paved the path that you all walk today, with their teachings of love, compassion and acceptance.

Can you believe that as Emissaries of Light, it was easier to spread the Word, over 2000 years ago, than it is now? Life was hard and people were ready to listen.

We look around and we wonder, when that time will come again? How difficult do things need to be before a being will call out to the creator; “help me”?

Christmas is another season of Divine Dichotomy, it brings out the very best in many and in others – the lost, the lonely, the sad and disenfranchised – it can bring out the worst.

Some cry out to the Angels and to God in praise and celebration, though God/Prime Creator does not require your praise, it is in those moments that you project a frequency of pure Love and Gratitude; the formula for miracles!

Others, in their despair turn their backs on Love in complete denial. These are the lost souls; the stranded boats that have run aground.

When the collective focuses positive thoughts, feelings and emotions in unison, as they do at Christmas, a wave of energy builds that is so powerful it can raise you up and deliver you over the next threshold of Ascension.

This CHRISTMAS, we ask you to be attentive. Listen, focus on each moment that you spend in Love and Gratitude, and lock-in that vibration so that you may carry it with you throughout the year!

Why should it be for just one day?

Whether it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, or of your own birthday, why be the best that you can be on just two days a year?

Someone is born every day. Can you hold that vibration for them too?

If you can, you will send energy rippling out through the field of consciousness, like water when the tide has turned and the sea begins its journey back to shore, building slowly at first, wave upon wave, until it lifts all that is stuck in the sand, and floats in its wake even the heaviest of boats.




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