By Grace Elohim via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of Marconics.

The human body is a multidimensional hologram, designed for Spirits’ 3 – dimensional experience, here on Earth

As you approach the end of this planetary cycle the human vehicle is being recalibrated to your original fifth dimensional design, as we bring Earth back into alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This is a return to Galactic Consciousness; Or, to Source, or God, or Oneness according to the diversity of your teachings.

Before the Fall of the 5th dimensional planet and its society – during the pre-dynastic Egyptian period on the 3rd dimensional Earth – you enjoyed full connectivity to your Celestial and Planetary Guides as fully awakened, multi-dimensional beings.

During the Fall you devolved as the planet moved away from the Galactic Core, through the Procession of the Equinox, and humanity sunk into the limited paradigm of the 3-dimensional experience of separation from Source, immersed in duality, housed in density and experienced in linear time.

It was necessary for your soul’s growth that you were deliberately ‘dumbed down’.

Your chakras were ‘nipped’ at the spine to create the familiar conical or ‘trumpet’ shape, reducing your expansive, 30ft energy field to a close fitting, egg- shaped auric field. With that your senses were diminished from 36 to just 5.

Your DNA was deactivated, leaving just the double helix. Your thymus, pineal and pituitary glands withered.

Now, all the experiences possible in the density of the 3-dimensional paradigm have been played out.

We could say, ‘this show is over!’ It’s time to step out of the costume and prepare for your next role, in a new show, at another theater, way across town!

Those who have awoken over many years were preparing the path for others as, ‘Way Showers’, so that they can now simply ‘step in’ to the new energetic template, as the human body evolves out of the limitations of the old paradigm.

Ascension frequencies are being beamed to the planet surface by intelligence, and increasing amounts of electromagnetics including cosmic and gamma rays, radio and microwave, ultraviolet and infrared frequencies must be assimilated within the developing body hologram.

Some will not be able to raise their vibration high enough to assimilate these new frequencies. This will be demonstrated by a rise in unidentified illnesses and neurological conditions, even madness; manifesting as fear, hatred and chaos among the collective.

Some may have already contracted to take their leave of the game a little early to avoid this intense period and ascend via the death transition where they can help to prepare the way for loved ones.

Those who wish to embrace this historic period of human evolution will experience an accelerated life path, as Spirit works to ensure that whether you are meant to take center stage, or be support from the wings, you will enjoy the show from the best seat in the house.

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