Virus Detected

By The Elohim Collective via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of MARCONICS

Are you truly so hard done by?

Take a moment to look around you and examine your reality.

What worries your mind as your biggest problem right now?

Is it the man who will occupy Whitehouse?

Or, maybe it’s preparations for Thanksgiving?

Identify the cause of your distress.

Now take the time to observe the wider world around you, particularly if it is something you haven’t made time to do in a while.

Are you starving?

Are your children being shot by snipers when they leave your home to go and find food?

Or, are they drowning in night-crossings to Europe safe havens as they flee situations you can’t possible imagine, because they see flimsy, makeshift flotillas on the open sea their best hope?

Have you been told you cannot have children because the Government has decreed it to be so?

Has your hometown been destroyed by earthquake, flood or fire?

Or, your wife lost a baby because no doctors could reach her under three foot of rubble?

If the answer is ‘no’, then please reconsider your position and maybe even your attitudes.

Whining and complaining is acceptable if it is followed by positive action to change what does not meet your sensibilities.

Not enough of you are moved in that way.

Too many simply vent their disappointments via social media, which is used like some form of measuring stick for friends you seek to impress because you need their validation. Is this how you chose to live your life?

Do you not see that this hateful division in your country is reflected throughout the Globe and spreading like a virus?

See the world like a body. The body racked by disease.

In a healthy body the brain (Intelligent mind) would release antibodies into the blood stream to fight the spread of the sickness, eventually overwhelming and destroying it, leaving the body stronger, healthier and immune.

Do you see the metaphor? You see, you are all just one body.

You are one being, with the same huge energy field, that only appears to be compartmentalized while you enjoy an experience of individual expression.

The body is sick! Rise up and overwhelm the disease, or succumb to it.

Children in Syria and Mosel and other ravaged regions are as much yours as the one on the couch, that refuses to look up from his or her electronic device for fear feeling something – boredom, loneliness, disappointment or unhappiness…

If your children can no longer connect with their emotions, or tell the difference between human suffering and virtual suffering, how can they show empathy?

If your children cannot identify with the suffering of other children in countries other than your own, how will they be able to wake up in a healthy body, in a healthy world?

Don’t be the virus, be the cure.

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