The Elohim Collective, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht – Originator of MARCONICS – The Human Upgrade

Do you feel comforted in the knowledge that the future of your country has been decided in a democratic fashion? Or, do you feel cheated that the drama and the spin created just enough distraction from the real issues that voters were masked from understanding what was truly at stake here?

It matters not. The point is ‘moot’ as they say. The tumultuous seas of the past few weeks, and approaching weather systems, will converge in perfect storm that will break the vessel’s back. When a ship is sinking, it hardly matters who is at the helm. A bold admiral  may run it aground a little sooner, or a seasoned captain navigate the rocky reefs and guide the crippled vessel out into the canyons of the deep.

It’s not about who takes the wheel now, it is about the ship itself and the ship is breached. The lifeboats must prepare to ‘push-off’, or risk being sucked down by the whirl pool and be dragged beneath the waves.

Be strong now and find your sealegs; this is what you have been asking for! The great unveiling of darker agendas, the names of the players, the movers and the shakers, a spot light cast upon the dark eternal sea (politics). You requested clarity and an end to corruption, and it will be revealed as the unpalatable truth floats to surface like ballast from the wreckage, and amidst the flotsam and jetsam, and the black box reveals recordings of the final hours.

Not yet, but soon. The ship is taking on water. You can continue bailing out for a while and convince yourselves you can make landfall before it sinks – and some of you will, if you abandon ship and make a swim for it. Those who in their fear vote to remain on board will go down with all souls. Rescue is by your own hand, if you can raise your vibrations and reach up to meet us.

If not, seek to go below, break open the seasoned brandy, pour another, strike a light and, as they say, ‘Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!’

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