Morning Has Broken.

The Elohim Collective,  via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of MARCONICS – The Human Upgrade

Morning has broken! Rise and shine.

Some of you ran a slow and steady race straight out of the gate. You were awake from the moment you were born. You could always see through the thinning of the veil, the filmy layer of deceit and mistruths that formed the illusion of your reality. You chose to view the world differently and were not afraid to be called out by others because for you, the TRUTH is all!

Some took a while to gather yourselves, like sleepy teenagers who shuffle back and forth between the kitchen and the back bedroom, rarely raising your heads until something ‘shiny’ took your attention; then somehow you mustered the energy to ‘party until dawn’.

Then there are those of you who repeatedly hit the ‘snooze’ button, until you were finally galvanized to attention by cataclysmic life changing events that forced you to cry out: ‘Why Me?’ For you, Spiritual Awakening has been more like a blow to the side of the head with a two-by-four.

Suffering elevates the human Spirit. If your life had been perfect, likelihood is you wouldn’t have been moved to ask the challenging questions, like; “Why?” and, “Who?” and, “What the heck?”

But you’re awake now and It doesn’t matter how long it took you, or how you have stumbled along your path, because in the end you showed up!

You should be joyful, because this is what you wanted.

Before you came here you left strict instructions with your ‘service’, to wake you up! You said: “Whatever it takes. Don’t let me sleep in!” And so you heard the Clarion Call. You are the Lightworkers, the Warriors and the Wanderers; and here we are, you and I, and we have the best seats in the house.

The first thing you need to know going forward, is that nothing will ever be the same again. Embrace it!

The second thing is: you have no control over anything; never have, never will. So, let it go!

Project Earth is nearing completion and essentially for the last 2000 years you have lived in a virtual fish bowl, and are as dependent on unseen forces for your survival as a gold fish would be on the child that feeds it.

Who are these unseen forces?

They are US.  WE ARE YOU. When in Spirit, we are ONE. When in form, we can become ‘the many’. We are the Angels: messengers of God/Prime Creator, carrying out Divine Directive in a Universe Of Unconditional Love.

We comprise the Founder Races, Angelic Legions, Ascended Masters, Extra Terrestrials, Ultra terrestrials, Meta Terrestrials and Angelic Humans. We are every name you have ever uttered, or read about in the scriptures or books on the ancient wisdom. We are your Galactic families. And for the last 2000 years, we have been your ‘sponsors’ and your protectors and have taken an active role in your evolution.

So, now you’re awake. What next?


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