The Human Portal – By The Elohim Collective, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht – Originator of MARCONICS ~ the Human Upgrade 

Those of you who intend to continue on beyond the Fifth Dimension, into the higher realms and perhaps even out of this matrix altogether, will need to access the Axis of all Dimensions.

Lightworkers must understand that they will need to do more than look longingly up to the heavens to achieve Ascension into higher dimensions.

The Shift is about a return to Galactic Consciousness and it is necessary for humans to expand their awareness to include the memories of their Galactic origins.

Connection to Source energy is of course essential for soul growth, but not without understanding the need to connect to your planet and the iron core crystal at the center of your Earth, from which all existence is generated. You must anchor in the physical to achieve access through the inner realms of the multidimensional holographic body, and be released from this planetary matrix via the Human Portal.

This is the way you will access other realities to truly become multidimensional.

The way to understand the dimensions that exist below the newly activated Crystalline Grid is to imagine a wooden Russian doll. The smaller doll is nested inside the larger one, which also rests inside an even larger one, and so on. They seem separate from one another, but they are connected; the atoms in and around the larger doll merge to include the atoms and molecules of the inner doll.

This is how the dimensions are overlaid allowing for all to exist simultaneously in the same space, at the same time, up through the next 9 dimensions which are not perceivable to you in your un-awakened state. Beyond 12 is 13, 14, 15 and so on.

The iron core crystal of the earth – which was theorized to exist by your scientists after a seismic event which registered energy waves moving through the planet and emerging on the other side – is the First Dimension. A 12-sided icosahedron iron core crystal, of about 150 miles across, that pulses out waves of energy outward to generate the other dimensions and to activate energy drawn down through the higher dimensions from the cosmos. These wave functions contain infinite potentials that collide to form an interference pattern, like ripples on a pond, which scientists conclude is the source of your perceived reality.

Beyond that, above the core and up to just below the mantle of the earth is the Second Dimension, the Telluric realm, filled with crystalline intelligence and complex elemental beings. This feeds the electromagnetic grid below the mantle, which powers your sacred energy sites.

Next emanates the Third Dimension, the physical or causal plane, the material realm. Humans are the keepers of this realm; a narrow bandwidth between the Earth’s crust and the lower atmosphere. The Fourth Dimension is the realm of collective consciousness, where your Spirit world – your ‘heaven’ and your ‘hell’ – can be accessed. It is from here that you have drawn all your collective experiences during your incarnations on Earth. This has formerly been known as the Astral plane.

Continuing to pulse outward from the core in increasing waves of higher vibrational resonance are the remaining 6 dimensions, alternating physical and etheric realms, all teeming with life.

Ascension from 3rd, up through the axis of the remaining 9 dimension, to 12th, and finally out of this matrix altogether, requires that you learn to access them all, and you begin by anchoring in the First Dimension; yes, by grounding daily to the Earth’s core.

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