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By The Omega, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht – Originator of MARCONICS ENERGY SYSTEM

If you have a golden ticket to the Ascension, then you must get on the train! Jump! Jump! Clamber onto the roof if there is not room in the carriage; sit on each other’s laps. Crowd the corridors and the dining cars and even the bathrooms if necessary.

‘Yes’, the train is leaving the station and ‘yes’, it is the last one today, and everyday!

You see we are travellers in space and time and we travel up and down the time track to collect the stragglers again and again, until either we can no longer locate that moment in space time, or until you are all safely away!

Each night the timelines adjust according to the collective mind and each morning you wake into a different world. Some of you will see it as being worse than the day before and others will perceive it as better. It is simply a matter of vibration.

This is why it must be raised you see, so that as you stare out of the carriage windows you may glimpse the new world.

Some of you, those who still cannot find the platform, or even the station, may experience days of complete anguish as the emotional body is being torn away from you. This is necessary to detach you from the emotional anchors, triggers and associations that keep you from rising up.

The spiritual waters are running fast and deep and threaten to sweep you away even as the train crosses the viaduct, if you look below you will see your brothers and sisters being swept this way and that. Some wise enough not to fight the fast moving stream but while keeping their heads above the water just going with the flow. Others in their confusion and inability to let go of the material realm will try to grab on to flotsam and jetsam and even the riverbank itself. These are the ones that risk being dashed on the rocks beneath.

All routes will ultimately lead to the airport, where you are all checking in and finding your departure gates. You are all headed to destinations unknown; some are just a small hop away, some are a long haul. Some will leave on time and some will be delayed. Just as you rarely concern yourself with the circumstances or the destination of another on his journey – this is how it must now be. Severance from the emotional body will allow detachment from the effects of huge upheaval.

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