By THE ELOHIM COLLECTIVE – via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of :


The time matrix of Earth is a feedback loop, a self-correcting system that you populate energetically with your thoughts, words and intentions to project the reality you perceive back to the collective.

You arrived here in a higher vibration with pure hearts, able to impact and shape your reality with only your highest visions and expressions gathered over numerous experiences elsewhere. You have always had the ability to create your collective heaven here. Though illusionary, by design, you were able to sustain your projection of ‘the garden’ through the simple purity of your desires in a higher vibration.

In the same way that you would not pollute the mind of a five-year-old child with open access to the internet you were advised not to “eat from the tree of knowledge”, because you were not ready to know the higher truths. Your purity, humility and innocence was your strength. But you reached for more and more, and the dichotomy is that you fell even further from Source.

You had choices and decisions about how to use the information you received and discovered that you were ill equipped to handle that information with maturity. The density of the Earth experience in separation gave way to feelings of loss and detachment, and darker thoughts took form and seeped into the matrix, redefining the landscape.

Free Will was given in the belief that you were pure enough to always make the highest choices. It was believed that you could master and govern yourselves with purer motives.

But the well of purity was poisoned, tainted with negativity and fear and the matrix adjusted to mirror changing conditions as they impacted the particle waves that form your reality.

Has the Earth experiment been successful?

An experiment is just that, a collection of potentials colliding to form a new paradigm. Source does not judge creation by success or failure. Creation can be messy business and where duality and density are part of the equation too many variables exist to determine outcome at the outset. If the outcome were known, it would hardly be experimental.

Given the constraints and conditions, the independent and dependent variables, and by comparison with others, then yes, it has indeed been successful.

Don’t view the world too harshly. Much of what is occurring is necessary for the deconstruction of this phase of evolution. You can trust that nothing is wasted. Everything has a purpose. A forest fire purifies the ground and deposits in its wake nutrients for rebirth. Flood waters will recede, neutralizing pockets of negativity caught beneath the surface of the earth.

Many are experiencing the closing of life cycles in what may seem to be cruel ways. They are simply choosing to circumvent the need for further life experience in a three-dimensional paradigm, and are seeking Ascension via the Spirit realms. This enables them to continue raising their vibration in the finer densities of the astral planes, to work toward their ascension there, as it may not have been achievable for them in this density, at this time. Many are contracting to work from Spirit to help those they love be guided towards higher evolution.

There is still time, still hope, and clicking your heels together while thinking good thoughts about the home you envisage for all, and holding the vibration of love and joy at the thought of bringing all you desire to fruition, here on Earth, is the way that change can be achieved as those frequencies impact the field of potentials and the matrix self-adjusts for the collective.

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