Perception is TRUTH

The Elohim Collective via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, originator of MARCONICS – The Human Ugrade


Evolution is not recommended, it is required if humans are to prevail in ever harshening conditions, both in physicality on the earth plane, as nature is demanding more respect from those who rape and pillage the planet, but energetically, as forces unseen gain traction in the ethereal realms and impact conditions in the affairs of men.

As you toss and turn in your beds in fitful sleep you are remembering somewhere deep in your subconscious why it is you must wake up! Your old energies are being stripped away by the magnetics of each dimensional layer you pass through in your gradual ascension into higher harmonics. Your new, fragile lightbody is not yet properly sealed and when you pass from one realm to another its lack of integrity fails to retain the fluidity of memory of the thing you knew you must recall.

Each night you fall back to sleep, to ‘waken’ somewhere else. Then each morning you wake and ‘fall back to sleep’.

We are reaching a critical stage in the process. The transference of energies is like program being uploaded on the computer. If the connection is lost, the transfer is too and we have to begin from the beginning.

The onus (duty, responsibility)  is on you to maintain the connection. Imagine it is the rope attached to the lifebuoy we have thrown down to you. Hold on tight with both hands even if the sea is rough and the turbulent waves threaten to swamp you. Stay focused on you purpose and keep your eyes trained on the beam of light that sweeps and scans the dark ocean for you, and be ready to reach! Then bit by bit gather in the rope and draw yourselves up to meet us.

If all you can remember is that there is something to remember then know it is the truth, and align with that vibration.

Slay your fears now, and still the chattering of your thoughts; be the master of your soul as you came here to be.

We warn you, the way that you perceive what comes next, is the way it will be. We say again, the way that you perceive what comes next is the way it will be.

So perceive it as life – without judgment or attachment to outcome. Perceive it as love – greater than you can ever imagine or experience on in this temporal body, perceive it as an opportunity to build the foundation of a future filled with abundance and co-creation. Perceive with positivity, hope and faith that all is just as it should be. And it will be so.




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