By the Elohim Collective via Alison David Bird, C.Ht.

“Come my friend tis not too late to seek a newer world…we are one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive to seek to find and not to yield.” Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1833.

Consider now, what is it that you seek?

Is it the security suggested in the reassurance of sameness?

Or, does the future you seek offer new horizons of expansive landscapes?

Do the mechanisms that drive change hum like the sound of a well-oiled timepiece? Or, do they clatter and clang like a rusty cart dragging over cobbled roads.

You bemoan and complain about the way things are, so change them! How else do you think change will happen? Do you believe you will wake one morning, pull you head out of the sand and simply have willed the new world into existence. That is not quite how it works. Someone has to get down and dirty to create change.

That’s why you volunteered remember? What is the phrase – ‘Never argue with a madman or a volunteer’? That’s what you came here to be, ‘crazy mad’ at all the dysfunction you see in the world!

You came her to be fired-up by the corruption you witness every day, incensed by the injustice served up in the judgment of others, sickened by the cruelty and unkindness leveled at any living thing, and ready to defend the weak and the sick against the tyranny of the power hungry.

So, what happened?

On paper, there is nothing wrong with your society or your establishment. Your founding fathers laid the foundations for a strong Federation Of The United World! Yes, WORLD, not just the USA. It is not even ‘we the people’ who have made the system sick it is those that govern that have made it unworthy.

Soon you will have a chance to vote again for change and though you study the form in that race, you still do not know which horse to back, the maverick, or the thoroughbred mare.

So, ask yourselves, which would you prefer to experience? A steady descent via a familiar governing style that greases the wheels of the rusty cart a little longer but only within the strict edicts of party politics. Or, a swift and sudden demise of what cannot be allowed to stand, possibly by an out of control empty-horse kicking down the stable walls.

It is a tough choice, a hard call to make. Take care that you use different eyes to see, new ears to hear before you weigh in the balance which or these horses can endure the course.

A catalyst is needed for the kind of change you seek, as with every period in your history that has ever been the portent of real change in the world.

Yes, sudden change can smart like ripping off a Band Aid, it will sting you to tears without a doubt, but the healing only really begins when the wound is allowed to breathe.

Slow change is equally challenging. A Band Aid may protect and cover, but over time it hides a festering sore.

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