By Lisa Wilson with Alison David Bird. C.Ht

“It is the bonds forged in love that are unbreakable.” – Metatron.

As Earth prepares to Ascend into higher vibrations so do other planets existing in parallel universes throughout creation.

Free Will has allowed for some Galactic Races to evolve Spiritually while others only technologically.

This has created differing agendas, which means that the directive from Source to bring all Galactic Races back up and into alignment with Divine Will is in some cases being met with resistance and the need for Détente.

We have looked at human will and Free Will as being synonymous yet equally separate from Divine Will. We have been told that once we have achieved a higher state of consciousness there will be no duality, nothing that resembles the ego mind, only Divine Will and Oneness.

What we must recognize is that without the Dark, Light has no nuance; without the Light, Dark has no form. They must create balance for each other.

Duality exits in every layer of multidimensional fabric, providing that relatively and balance, all the way up to Source. Free Will has not been unique to Earth. Free Will is most rampant on Earth and in our limited beliefs we have proclaimed Free Will exclusive to humans and separate from Divine Will. But in each individualized experience in every dimension, there has been a gradient of Free Will. These experiences are Divine. And that is the bigger truth.

Our Galactic families have watched over us since the Earth project began and as the battle for Ascension steps up they are asking for our help.

Echoes of conflict and war reverberate throughout the timelines of probability that the collective is currently choosing, and our Galactic brothers and sisters are warning us of the potentials for a less than positive outcome.

When we are seemingly small as humans on the multidimensional stage, we might wonder, “What could we possibly do to help? ” It is our hearts, our minds, and our alignment to Source that makes us a force of great power.

It’s not us being incarnated as humans that make us so important or able to change the Galactic landscape. It’s in remembering that one drop begets many ripples. We each can make a difference. Our ‘drop’ resides in the purity of love that is emitted by our hearts and minds when we connect through integration with our Higher Selves in energy, prayer, or meditation – in that moment our Galactic Families aren’t just experiencing a gradient or a broad bandwidth of love, the ‘ripple’ is felt by them through our perception. They feel through our feelings, the force and humanness of them, and in that experience are able to perceive a distinct, intense and singularly unique flavor of love empowering them to align.

They are waiting for us to ‘answer the call’. Will you wait passively as the path ahead is decided for you, or will you rally as co-Creators of the New Earth.

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