By Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Originator of Marconics.


The difference between the harmonic frequency of a moment of celebratory joy, and a moment of tragedy is simply that one vibration is slower than the other.

CELEBRATION is disbursed into the atmosphere with the immediacy of a high-octane firework! Then dissipates like smoke. TRAGEDY is a slow burn that leaves an indelible scar. A tragic event gets your attention more than a joyous one, because it triggers an ancient primeval force that is stronger than anything else in your realm – FEAR.

Humans respond to fear. 

Consider the child; which approach will garner the most effective response? The gentle, loving, coaxing words requesting that he please stop running through the house? Or, a sharp, reverberating and emphatic demand issued at the top of your lungs to ‘STOP!’

You are pre-programmed to respond more to FEAR frequencies than to the finer higher vibrations of LOVE. And the dichotomy is that up until now this has made a contribution to the growth of your society. You hear something tragic, and aside from an inner sigh of relief that it did not happen to you! (Gratitude), your first response is one of sympathy and love.

You would not be so moved to action by stories of success or survival. It is unlikely for example that you would even read beyond a newspaper headline that said: “Earthquake Strikes, Not Many Dead”. “Earthquake Strikes, Thousands Dead’, now that gets your attention. Suddenly you can relate to the loss, the sadness and the horror of the event because you fear it and as you read on, and your mental body processes the information, your emotional body sets up a new vibration.

In your humanness as highly emotional beings, you can empathize and show solidarity – but simultaneously, inwardly, you celebrate because this time the bell did not toll for you. These feelings evoke overwhelming compassion, and through the ages, as the event endures in your memories and is even kept alive with cyclical markings of time, it invokes from you repeated demonstrations of kindness, love and compassion.

We have used this to assist you in your evolution.

Christianity has endured the passing of ages through the traditional remembrance of the Passion of the Christ, causing great swaths of positive emotions, enhanced by re-enactments of the events leading up to the death of Jesus on the cross. More positive energy has been registered from that one event alone than from any other in your modern history.

To put the concept into a more contemporary framework, consider a cuddly kitten post on Facebook. It equates something like this: Kitten=cute=warm=fuzzy=love=happiness=’smileyface’=joy! The circle is complete. The frequency is finite. It’s over, you move on.

Now consider the picture of a dead kitten on Facebook: Kitten=cute=dead=horror=sad=fear=anger=move to action. In response you may be moved to set up a collection for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or rescue a cat. A force majeure has been created.

It is simply in your nature to respond positively to negative events. It is what makes you so human. It is what makes you so easy to love. And it is what may take you down in the end.

Others in opposition to an awakening of human consciousness on a global scale have found away to harness the energy of that ‘fear’ response. In an emotional state, you can be more easily controlled. You will look beyond yourself to someone else for leadership and be sure there will be someone just waiting in the wings ready to promote themselves as your savior. This is how you will surrender your power.

The fear response, fight flight, was installed in the old, three-dimensional programming of the human body template when you were primitive beings, so that you would know to run or slay an aggressor. It is not needed now, it is not part of the new paradigm, and it is being used against you to lower your vibration.

Many of you who have begun to wake up are forgetting, and falling back to sleep. Be informed, that if we have to, we will also use what works to leverage the response we need for you to awaken. This is what you have requested from us in the higher realms.

If you cannot raise your vibrations through love, creativity and joyous pursuits, we will orchestrate it through more seemingly negative events – cataclysm – that will help to create and disseminate powerful waves of higher love that will wash over the surface of the planet so that the positivity needed to sustain a Shift into higher dimensions can be supported.  It is not what we would prefer.

This is what we call a Divine Dichotomy.

This is why we say to you, drop the fear.







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