We see the disturbance in the harmonic of your reality. This is the beginning of the division that will eventually split the quantum field of the first and second harmonic universe; separating the third and the fifth dimensions

We regret the pain of the loss and the suffering that you must endure while in physicality.     It is part of the human experience that you in your separation from us find hard to understand. These experiences are designed for you, by you, for the purpose of your soul’s evolution. The challenge is to rise above for your soul’s growth.

Do not lay blame with God, or even with those who drew swords against you. You negotiated the roles you play during your brief span in this material realm.  You engaged others who volunteered out of love for you to play a part that would provide the necessary challenges, obstacles and hurdles that would urge you to reach higher and attain the growth you desired in this one incarnation

When you are struggling to find forgiveness for those who have in some way wronged you, when your heart aches for those you love and perceive are lost, understand that they too volunteered for their role and their departure serves their own evolutionary path.

The events around the world today, though certainly tragic from your perspective, set up dynamics for the those that witness them and survive; family, friends first responders, medical teams, therapists, support groups, and yes, even the children. The young who may some day be the policeman, the first responder, the doctor, the human rights activist. Everything continues to move forward on the wheel.

Trust also that there are many positive developments, which are not lucrative to you media and do not get reported. Overwhelming acts of selflessness, advances in technologies and medicines, feats of human ingenuity, creativity and arts.  It’s through the more challenging events that you derive a greater learning, and depth of purpose, desire and personal introspection is gained. These experiences can awaken those who still sleep and activate dormant Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Lightworkers.

In the wake of a tragedy a tidal wave of positive energy washes over the Grid, its impact on the collective far outweighs the negativity of the circumstances that surround the event itself.

Understand the true peace and brotherhood can only be achieved through the transcendence of race, color, creed and religion.

Only LOVE will achieve this.

HATE is simply and expression of FEAR.

Organized religion, economics and politics are steeped in FEAR.

Freedom – not to run wild, lawlessly and vengefully – but to express higher Love and creatively, will deactivate the fear programing of the ego-mind, planted many thousands of years ago by those who sought to control, and which is perpetuated today for the same purpose.

Find it in your hearts now to see through the veil of tears, send forgiveness, love and compassion into the universe. These frequencies will course through the Grid and be accessible to those that can now assimilate crystalline frequency and be like oxygen in assisting this difficult birth of a New Age.

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