– ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON via Alison David Bird, C.Ht, Orignator of Marconics.


You have been dying over the winter months, bleeding out redundant energies. Your physical, emotional and mental bodies have been purging old habits and behaviors, venting memories and painful attachments. In some way, you have been severing the shadow that has stalked you throughout the years of your experiences here on the Earth plane.

Shadows can only be cast where there is a lack of light. The objects of your desires are standing between you and the Light, they are the ones casting the shadows; do you see? Let them go!

Yes, this may feel like a loss, a period of mourning may be required, but only as an acknowledgment of the passing of something that has served you well. Be not saddened or alarmed by the shedding of these traits and characteristics, the old you is laying down like a red carpet for the emerging you to walk on as you cross the threshold of a new beginning, filled with more vibrant forms of expression just waiting to be captured in music, poetry and art; like a painting on fresh white canvasses in colors drawn from a pallet of richer hues and even stronger vibrations, imaging the Sunflowers or the Lilacs or the dancing Daffodils.

Spring was an equinox of opportunity and creativity; birth and rebirth. As you passed over the threshold of this most recent Solstice, you may have felt the discomfort of the ‘bottle neck’ effect, as you are being squeezed through the birth canal. Now, as you emerge again from darkness into light you will begin to feel relief.

You are rising up like the flowers in the field, sparkling with the mist of the early morning dew, fresh and tender and brimming with hope and faith. Your roots are deep in the soil and your stalks are straight and strong, the many aspects of your self in unison are like the petals of a flower with its face turned to the sun.

Be resplendent in the birth of this new morn. Do not let the winds of change buffer you into surrender and make you to lay down in the field and be trampled underfoot. Though, it will not serve you to stand rigid and immutable against the forces of nature, but stay in the flow of the Divine, sway gently with the breeze and do not break.

Look around you to the field, you are not alone, see how the seeds have taken in the richness of this new holy ground. See the bright and shimmering faces of the perfect blooms that surround you. Gather in the nutrients from the earth that you sprang from, feel the droplets of God’s Grace on your face and be fed by the beams of the central sun, the Source of all life.

Dance in the sunlight, dance in the moonbeams, dance in the cosmic rays of transcendence. You are all of creation unified as ONE through the field of connectivity to all life, everywhere. Here and in the stars. So dance, and celebrate as only the flowers of the field can do.


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