Deadly As The Wolf


Alison David Bird, C.Ht. Originator of Marconics, Datastreams Grace Elohim

As your Spiritual and Galactic families call forth the First Wave of Ascension, it is hard not to feel the force of opposition urging conflict over resolution, suffering over peace, and in all promoting savagery and paradise to exist side by side, on the same planet. Watch as your power mongers compete at for control.

The intensity of such forces washing over the Earth is reflected in your economies, your communities, your schools and even your homes.

These challenging times rival any other period in your world’s history, including the American Civil War, Two World Wars and the Great Depression and you are being encouraged to dig even deeper now for strength.

The enemy isn’t obvious, he doesn’t stand before you in a red coat, flying another country’s colors and banging a drum. He is the wolf sloping sheepishly through the trees. He is the stealthy intruder, the insidious infiltrator and he is the silent but deadly virus.

The enemy at our gates is Fear. Real or imagined it makes you irrational and reactionary, putting you on the defensive so that you make limiting decisions.

Fear stifles, controls and enslaves.

That’s how the opposition has managed to gain traction: with the perpetuation of an atmosphere of fear, assisted and compounded by your own, intensifying manifestation abilities. Your thoughts, words and deeds are as deadly as the wolf.

Releasing the old programming is difficult to do by yourselves. You have no frame of reference for anything else, you have been raised on a diet of fear – literally, it is infused in your food and water.

Now we are asking you to TRUST, to demonstrate FAITH one more time, and to push forward without question in the sure knowledge that the Universe will reward the brave.

Is that enough? In the past, we would have reasoned it is not. You were not strong enough to do this in isolation of others who can also see that the world is struggling to get to its feet.

We recognized that you have been too long in this realm of duality and separation, disconnected from Source, and saw that you needed illumination along the path.

But now you no longer have to reach beyond yourselves.

You simply need to know how to find the strength within you, by connecting to the inner spark of Divinity you all carry. This is the voice of Truth that will lead you into Light.

It is time to recalibrate the human body in preparation for birthing the Avatar; your Divine Soul Self – versions of you in higher dimensional realities ready to descend into the human body, to merge in an alignment of Higher Consciousness that will facilitate your seamless transition into vibrations of Peace and Joy. This alchemical process will forever transmute the lower vibrational frequencies of ‘Fear’, into ‘Love.’

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One thought on “Deadly As The Wolf

  1. So important to be aware of the tendency to be afraid. Its in 3rd dimension, remember, and if you are recalibrated, you are already beyond it. I am so grateful for Marconics, with each Recalibration I do, I feel the benefit of assisting another soul to ascend. My joy is unsurpassed. The ability to do this in such a short period, is amazing. I spent 26 years working with A Course in Miracles mind training to do what the Recalibration does in 2 hours!


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