Guide for the Recently Ascended


Grace Under Fire

Q&A with Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird.

QUESTION: When I am actively pursuing a Spiritual path I can feel really great! But for most of the time it feels like I am still overcome by obstacles in the physical world; like money problems, family conflict…, then I realize I haven’t been ‘Spiritual’ for days or even weeks. Am I dropping my vibration?

ANSWER: You need not assume that you are always being pulled out of the higher frequencies and down into the murky depths simply because you are faced with 3D challenges. Even if you spend a day feeling sad or disillusioned, it does not overall effect your vibration. In fact, connecting with your feelings at any time can help older behavioral patterns be released.

Ascension is not something that is picked up and put down like other weekend hobbies. It is a Spiritual practice. If you have enlisted in the Ascension you will know the importance of coming into alignment with your higher aspects and how real transformation depends on you remaining in integrity at all times, not just now and then. If there are still things in your life that are a mismatch for your rising vibration, what needs to happen to change that?

Being in alignment means aligning with what is in your highest good. The greatest vibrational match for you. Anything that keeps you conflicted is working against you not with you. Do you still need that in your life.

Remember the intention is not to raise yourself beyond the material realm, but to straddle the worlds so that you can anchor the higher frequencies to the three dimensional plane… as the planet shifts into higher dimensions.

You may still have to engage in your life here, that is what you came here for, but you can examine the reasons for remaining in a situation that is not serving you. Choose what is more important to you, this minutia you feel caught up in, or your Spiritual evolution. Decide what stays and what goes.

Even they must stay, trust that you are taking higher frequencies into those situations. Through entrainment you ate raising others up. Take time to notice how your experiences with people and places that have challenged in the past may now have changed. You can know you are in the dentists but still feel a sense of peace and detachment from the activity that causes you any discomfort.

Spiritual Mastery is about keeping your integrity in all situations. Observing yourself as you choose your highest expression of yourself, regardless of the challenges set before you. Many challenges at this point are simply ‘tests’ along the road to highlight issues for you that may still need to come up for clearing so that you can go higher in vibration. Without judgment, review your behavior, your responses, and ask yourself, ‘How did I do?’ Did I choose the best expression of who I AM in that moment. Is that the ‘me’ I wanted to show the world.

When we can all exercise this mastery we finally have Heaven on Earth.

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